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About the Bible Key Lessons

Who will benefit from the Key Lessons?

   The Lessons are for everyone who can read.

   The Lessons are now available in English or Spanish.

   Know what the Bible says and how to study it.

What are the Bible Key Lessons?

   The Key Lessons are a free home study Bible course..

   The lessons give passages you can read from the Bible.

   Lessons include a quiz to answer and send back.

When do the lessons begin??

   The Lessons start at the end of the month you sign up.

   To complete the course takes about 30 weeks.

   Each lesson takes around 1/2 hour to complete.

Where can I study the Bible Key Lessons?

   No special place is required to do the lessons. It is up to you.

   You can study them in a quiet place or a loud place.

Why should I study the Bible Key Lessons?

   You will learn what the Bible says for yourself.

   Learn the Bible Basis of Christian doctrine.

   Be free from any dependence on others for Bible study.

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